The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation


The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation was created in 1968 to provide grants in support of charitable, educational, literary, religious, scientific purposes or, for the prevention of cruelty to children. By policy, the Foundation limits grants to non-profit organizations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the home of Grace and Franklin Bernsen for more than six decades.

Frequent visitors will notice that we are building a new web site. Gradually, we will add to the information presented here in hopes of making the application process straightforward for both applicants and our trustees. News about our progress, programs and grants will appear here. We urge potential applicants to review our grant guidelines before submitting a proposal. Applications that do not conform to the required format will not be considered. We welcome questions about the foundation and potential applications. Again, we urge applicants to ask those questions before investing time in the application process. Phone calls (918-584-4711) and emails ( are encouraged.

The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation
January 2016

The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation

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